Members of All Saints Ministry Organizations are parishioners who help the parish in many ways - developing a program, getting it off the ground, evaluating its progress, making changes, and calling others to serve.  The work is diverse, keeping the parish vibrant, and responsive to living the Catolic Faith.  Our six ministry categories cross the parish community and the world:

  • Worship and Liturgy
  • Parish Life
  • Education & Lifelong Learning
  • Youth
  • Outreach
  • Parish Operation and Fundraising

Some groups may have guidelines and a leadership structure, others may be more loosely organized, but what's important is the rich contribution ministries and its members make to our faith community.

Below is a complete list of our parish Ministries and Organizations.  Click on any one of them to find contact information, mission statement, duties, special skills and time commitment involved in in that particular ministry. 


Directory of All Saints Parish Ministries and Organizations


(Education & Life Long Learning)  


Colleen Cerven 301-310-9079    

Amy Grawey 314-698-9607

Mission Statement:  Founded with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church in mind, principally the designation of parents as the primary and principal educators in faith, the homeschool ministry seeks to provide community and support for Catholic homeschoolers.   

Duties: Supplies information and fellowship for both novice and veteran homeschoolers. Welcomes anyone in the church community who wants to learn more about homeschooling their children.

Time Commitment:  This ministry is affiliated with the Children of Fatima Co-op, a collection of Catholic homeschooling families, which meets weekly for the purpose of providing support and cooperative learning for its members. 

Special Skills:  A love of the Catholic faith; a desire to share the faith with others, especially our children; desire to form community and support others.