Members of All Saints Ministry Organizations are parishioners who help the parish in many ways - developing a program, getting it off the ground, evaluating its progress, making changes, and calling others to serve.  The work is diverse, keeping the parish vibrant, and responsive to living the Catolic Faith.  Our six ministry categories cross the parish community and the world:

  • Worship and Liturgy
  • Parish Life
  • Education & Lifelong Learning
  • Youth
  • Outreach
  • Parish Operation and Fundraising

Some groups may have guidelines and a leadership structure, others may be more loosely organized, but what's important is the rich contribution ministries and its members make to our faith community.

Below is a complete list of our parish Ministries and Organizations.  Click on any one of them to find contact information, mission statement, duties, special skills and time commitment involved in in that particular ministry. 


Directory of All Saints Parish Ministries and Organizations


(Parish Life)

Contact:  Fr. Bob Suit – 636-397-1440 ext. 225                                                      

Mission Statement: To provide an opportunity to renew your spirituality and prayer life, to strengthen your faith and apply it to your daily life and to build lasting friendships among others of the parish community.

Parishioners are encouraged to participate in this ministry in a variety of ways:

  • Attend a retreat, two women’s and two men’s each year.

Duties: Retreat begins on Thursday evening at the LaSalle Retreat Center in Glenco, MO and ends at the noon Mass on Sunday.

Time Commitment: 1 weekend retreat and 1 follow up meeting.

Special Skills: Desire to grow in love of Jesus.

  • On the Retreat Team (30 people) 

Duties: Participate in formation that leads to a weekend retreat with follow up at a prayer day and a subsequent meeting.

Time Commitment: 13 week formation, 1 weekend retreat, 1 team prayer day, and 1 follow up meeting.

Special Skills: Desire to witness to the love of Jesus; participation in an ACTS Retreat.

  • As a Retreat Team Leader (4 people)

Duties: Direct a retreat. Be a part of a team of retreat leaders and possibly become the leader for the Retreat Team. Participate in organizing and running the 13 team meetings, planning the team day of prayer, organizing and running the retreat and the retreat follow up. 

Time Commitment: Organization and planning meeting, 13 week formation, 1 weekend retreat, 1 team prayer day, and 1 follow up meeting.

Special Skills: Good communicator, facilitator, organizer, and desire for helping people grow in their experiences of faith.

  • As a CORE Team Member (12)

Duties: Be in the decision-making body of the ACTS community at All Saints, fill various support roles for ACTS, have previously attended an ACTS Retreat, have served on at least one ACTS Retreat Team, and prayerfully discerned to serve in this role.

Time Commitment: 3 year term, attend a one-day Core Team Training session, and monthly Core Team meetings.

Special Skills: Good communicator, desire to work with a group, high level of commitment to ACTS and developing the ACTS community.