Belize Sewing Project -October 19

Posted on October 18, 2017 in: General News

Volunteers Needed for Cutting out Patterns and Sewing

During our June trip to Belize our team introduced washable maxi pads during our health talks to women in the villages. We handed out some washable maxi pads and asked the women to try them and give us feedback. The feedback that we received was amazing and the women of the villages are excited to learn how to make these. Our team goal is to make each woman in the villages one washable maxi pad and then provide them with supplies and teach them how to make their own. We are looking for volunteers to cut out patterns as well as individuals who can sew. Volunteers, please join us on October 19th to cut out patterns and take kits home to be sewn by whomever can help us with our project.

We plan to meet in the Annex Banquet Room at 6:30 PM. We would like to make 750 – 1000 pads to take to Belize in January!

**Please bring to the meeting sharp scissors, rotary blades, and mats to help cut patterns.

If you have questions regarding this project please call Tammy Vortherms at 636- 279-9120.

Thank you in advance for helping our friends in Belize.