The Body of Christ: What kind of Bread are we called to be?

Posted on April 06, 2019 in: General News

The Body of Christ: What kind of Bread are we called to be?


Sunday, April 7, 2019   6:00 PM in the Annex - 310 Cardinal Place

  • Adults & Children of all ages are welcome to attend!   
  • Child care is provided
  • Preschool through Grade 5 will have special activities while
  • adults/ parents meet separately.
  • Grade 6 and older are welcome to be teen helpers.

This inspirational presentation reflects on the Body of Christ and the Church in which we are called to BE bread for the World in imitation of Jesus.  People are hungry for all sorts of things: food, fellowship, affection, reconciliation, and always, love.


Fr. Dominic Garramone, the “Bread Monk”, relates how different breads are symbolic of the great diversity of spiritual gifts and Christian witness and service.  Fr. Dominic will present aspects of the bread-baking process as a metaphor for the spiritual life: mixing, kneading, rising, shaping, baking, blessing, and eating.

We will close by coming together as a family for refreshments to share different kinds of breads, discuss what we learned about ourselves, and how we fit into the “Bread of the Community”, this Body of Christ at All Saints!  Butter, honey, jams, cream cheese, and other items will be provided to enjoy with the breads we will share.

We will also have many of the fine books written by Fr. Dominic available for sale after the presentation.



  • You must RSVP no later than April 1.  Reservations can be made by:
  • Calling the Parish Office (636-397-1440)
  • Via email to
  • Your email reservation must include the following information: name, number of adults and ages of children attending, phone number and/or email address.


Event begins promptly at 6:00 pm on April 7th.  Please arrive by 5:45 to allow you to find your seat and allow your children to go to the area of their special activities. (All activities for the event are in the Annex).


Each Family is asked to bring one of the following:

  • A loaf of bread of their choice, store bought or homemade (e.g. rye, whole grain, fruit bread)
  • OR A bread made from a favorite or family recipe (e.g. Irish Soda Bread, Challah, Naan, etc.)
  • OR Sweet bread items such as muffins, sweet rolls, cinnamon rolls, Hawaiian rolls.

For questions, contact Fr. Bob 636-397-1440 ext. 225  or