What did YOU find on FORMED?

Posted on November 02, 2022 in: General News

What did YOU find on FORMED?

What did YOU find on FORMED? 

I like how Formed opens in 'sections' so that I can check out a variety of topics, types of media, and find 'what's new'.  There's things for kids, versions in Spanish, music, books.

There's "This Week on FORMED"  - with Discussions, Movies, Saints - and more.

In other sections you can find Bible Studies, Sacraments and my favorite - Movie Night.  

Pope Francis declared this year "The Year of Saint Joseph" and the Movie Night section has movies on Saint Joseph to watch. So this week I chose:   "Joseph of Nazareth: The Story of the Man Closest to Christ". I liked the actor who played St. Joseph. He was a great foster-father to Jesus. A loving husband to Mary (after the angel visited him) and someone we honor for his service to God.  The summary displayed on FORMED does say 'creative license' was used in the telling of this version of Saint Joseph.  The movie runs 1 hour, 37 minutes. 

I also love FORMED Daily Reflections that come in my email. You have to sign up to get those. 

They are a thoughtful contemplation on the readings of the day.

I hope YOU find something amazing on FORMED! 

:FORMED"  The Catholic Faith On Demand:  thousands of Books, Movies, videos, programs on demand.  As a member of All Saints, we have already paid for your subscription.  To personally enroll,

  • Go to your browser and type in "formed.org" . 
  • Then click on "sign up". 
  • Then choose "sign up as a parishioner" and click on it. 
  • Click on create a new account. 
  • Find parish--type in 63376.  "All Saints" will come up.
  • Click on that.
  • Click on "next" .
  • Create account. 
  • (Formed will not sell your name or email to an outside agency)


FORMED is a wonderful resource to grow in our Catholic Faith.  Explore the many opportunities that are there.   Any questions, please contact a member of the Adult Faith committee or Fr. Bob

Update for search:    https://vimeo.com/413742494