This Weekend at All Saints Father Daniel Vogt will be here August 12 and 13 to speak at all our Masses on his mission in Guatemala.

The Q’eqchi Partners, Inc .is a non-profit, tax exempt organization helping Qeqchi Mayans in Guatemala accomplish self-help projects they determine are important to them.

Specifically the biosand water filters that have brought clean water to hundreds of rural families in Eastern Guatemala. Biosand water filter technology provides a lowmaintenance, low-cost, non-chemical, no-power and durable solution to the lack of clean drinking water.

Families live on incomes of about $200 per month. Filters can be produced for $125 each. Your donations subsidize the purchase of a filter by a family for $25. Your can help to provide both safe water and preventive health training in rural Guatemala through your generous donations today.

The lives of entire families will be improved by your generosity.

Please be as generous as you can. Envelopes for this collection can be found in your pews today.

Please make your donation out to All Saints.